Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election day's show should have some sort of patriotic tie-in, so today I have opted for a show from the Fourth of July, 1984.

Five Seasons Center
Cedar Rapids, IA

The Stranger opener should certainly be given many good listens, as it, along with the Friend of the Devil are extremely gooey. Cumberland should also be checked out, but the real magic starts in the second set.

Help->Slipknot!->Franklin's Tower, Estimated Prophet -> He's Gone, Truckin'-> Wharf Rat -> Around & Around -> Good Lovin'

The Help>Slip>Franklins to start is simply impeccable. The Help gets things started off nicely and serves as the band's warmup vehicle for the following extended Slipknot!. This version really cooks and takes off, while the following Franklin's cools things down with a nice breeze blowing through the version. For 84/85 Jerry's voice seems extremely strong for this era and as always his playing is outstanding. The proceeding Far From Me is decent, but the Estimated -> He's Gone is pretty psychadelic, with Phil announcing it's dedication to "Paul & The Rainbow bus" before the He's Gone. Jerry's "Smile, smile, smile" lyric is sung with considerable enthusiasm and is greeted with a warming applause erupting from the audience. The jam out of He's Gone -> Drums is definitely serious and the Truckin' the band raises out of the depths of Space is, as expected magnificent with the crowd really feeling it. The way the band slides on into the Wharf Rat is spectacular and Jerry covers a wide array of emotions during this one. They close the set with two Bobby standard rockers, which are both standards, yet both rock, on this night.


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