Sunday, November 05, 2006

After a Long, Disappointing Weekend

After a disappointing weekend, a little summer 89 is quite necessary to rebuild momentum.

August 4, 1989
Cal Expo
Sacramento, CA

Set 2: Truckin' -> Wang Dang Doodle -> Crazy Fingers -> Cumberland Blues -> Eyes of the World

What a way to start the second set after an 11 song first set. The Truckin' opener features Phil sliding around on the bass and really bending those strings. The whole band sounds enthusiastic throughout and Jerry's blues riffs really sound great. Before the Truckin' takes off and gets spacey at all the band moves into Wang Dang Doodle where Bobby starts slow and builds the song up like a pro. The band carefully takes its time with the tune and every one of Jerry's notes is perfectly placed and well thought out. Not a wasted note! The song winds down and soon Jerry is pickin at the beginning of Crazy Fingers. His voice and lyrical recall are both stellar on this version and his guitar is extremely funky. They really nail this one and soon Phil starts dropping bombs indicating Cumberland Blues. This version really rocks with everyone getting into it. The following Eyes of the World is quick but extremely well-played with Brent scatting on his keyboard in the background and his backup vocals adding a nice touch. The rest of the set finishes very nicely, and the first set is definitely worth checking out too, particularly the Bertha->Greatest Story opener, as well as Cassidy & Deal to close out the first set. The Baby Blue encore is also especially strong.


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