Friday, November 03, 2006

The Reappearance of Daily Dead

What a good day to bring Grateful Dead to you! After returning from Vegoose this week I have decided to start up again, as the music that filled my ears also filled my soul with inspiration.

Nov. 24, 1972
Dallas Memorial Auditorium
Dallas, TX

Today's Daily Dead is from the November 24, 1972 Dallas show at Memorial Auditorium. The band ends a fantastic show with a smoking Not Fade Away -> Goin' Down the Road -> Not Fade Away. Just before the 3:00 mark Jerry tears into it and really finds a solid groove. Phil loudly moves up and down the scales while Jerry absolutely soars! Garcia plays his heart out for a solid 2 minutes before re-submersing himself in the band's rhythmic groove. Eventually he emerges from the groove and leads the band into an extremely fine version of Goin' Down the Road where his guitar sounds like absolute beauty. Around 3:00 Jerry really takes flight on this one and pushes the boundaries but only for a little over a minute. He then returns to the main solo theme and plays it with a good lot of enthusiasm but soon the band pushes him again as they build up for a very dramatic jam before returning to the chorus. Once they return to Not Fade Away the band really peaks again and brings us a very fiery performance. Enjoy.


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